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Jul 13

The Global Scope of Radical Islam

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A Briefing on the American Foreign Policy Council’s New


As we approach the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the United States still lacks a comprehensive understanding of the scope of Islamism worldwide and the depths of its appeal. The American Foreign Policy Council’s new World Almanac of Islamism (WAI) addresses that gap as the definitive reference work on Islamist activity worldwide. With 65 country and movement studies, this groundbreaking tracking project represents a collaboration of expert scholars from around the globe. It examines the prevalence of Islamism on six continents and includes studies on seven transnational Islamist movements, as well as regional summaries and a global overview.

Join us for a presentation by American Foreign Policy Council experts as they lay out the Almanac, its goals, and how it can serve as an essential tool for researchers and policymakers. The online database is available at almanac.afpc.org and the 2011 hardcopy edition will be commercially available in the Fall.

More About the Speakers

Ilan Berman
Vice President, AFPC; Chief Editor and Project Manager, WAI

Jeff M. Smith
Kraemer Strategy Fellow, AFPC;Editor and Project Coordinator, WAI

Richard Harrison
Research Fellow and Program Officer, AFPC; Website architect, WAI

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