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Apr 11

Taiwan's Future in the Asian Economic Order

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For more than a decade, the countries of the Asia-Pacific region have been stitching their economies together through a multitude of free trade agreements. Taiwan has largely been left out. It has agreements with a few of the small countries that still recognize its sovereignty; it has an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with China; and over the last year, three countries, Singapore, India, and the Philippines have expressed various degrees of interest in reaching their own trade agreements with Taiwan. Where are these particular agreements going? Are they enough to get Taiwan into the regional game? If not, is Taiwan headed for further economic isolation? What are the trends and prospects for more agreements? What is Taiwan’s place in the economic order without respect to trade agreements? Are trade agreements essential to its integration into the region? Will the region move forward with Taiwan despite the lack of concrete economic commitment from the United States? And perhaps most important, why does any of this matter to the United States?

Join us to discuss these and other questions with a distinguished panel of experts.

More About the Speakers

Rupert Hammond-Chambers
President, US-Taiwan Business Council

Rick Ruzicka
Director, Trade and Commercial Programs, American Institute in Taiwan

Jay Eizenstat
Of Counsel, Miller & Chevalier

Derek Scissors
Research Fellow, Asia Economic Policy, The Heritage Foundation

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