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Apr 18

Serbia Emerging: Economic Freedom Moves in the Right Direction in Southeast Europe

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The Republic of Serbia is back on the radar of the annual Index of Economic Freedom. In 2002, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro) appeared in the Index for the first time, ranking near the bottom along with countries such as Burma, Syria and Zimbabwe. Belarus was the only European country to rank lower. Then in 2009, Serbia reappeared on the Index’s listing, ranking 109 out of 179 ranked countries. In three out of ten economic freedoms measured – trade freedom, fiscal freedom and labor freedom – Serbia ranked above the world average. Continuing to move in the right direction, Serbia currently is within reach of the “Moderately Free” status. Serbia is also adopting agreements and implementing policy reforms to enhance regional, European and Transatlantic integration.

What is driving Serbia’s movement toward greater economic freedom? How are leading Serbian policymakers fostering economic freedom and creating a business environment that attracts investment? Why is Serbia advancing in the right direction while so many countries, including many in the West, are back-sliding? How can Serbia continue this upward trend? What about Serbia’s political and economic conditions currently and going forward? How can Serbia and neighbors in Southeast Europe – many of which are likewise advancing economic freedom – better work together to continue their remarkable advancements?

Join us for a discussion of the progress of economic freedom in Serbia and Southeast Europe and how its momentum may be maintained and advanced.

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His Excellency Mirko Cvetković
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Republic of Serbia

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Ambassador Terry Miller Ambassador Terry Miller

Director, Center for Data Analysis and the Center for Trade and Economics and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom Read More