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Apr 06

USA: A Second World Country?

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A Report on the Environmental Regulatory Stranglehold on the Economy and the Responsible Development of America’s Resources

The inability of America to develop its vast natural resources due to the manipulation of environmental laws, which have helped clean up America, are restraining global competitiveness and driving the United States toward becoming a Second World Country. John Shively, former Alaska State Commissioner of Natural Resources under Governor Tony Knowles (D), advocates for common sense and the need for regulatory balance. The instability of the current regulatory process impacts the nation’s global investment climate ultimately resulting in job loss. Shively takes a forthright look at how abuse of the legal system and laws such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act are being manipulated beyond recognition in order to halt development of domestic energy supplies and rich mineral resources across the country, especially in Alaska. Shively also highlights the devastating costs the current regulatory stranglehold on resource development will have on economic development and the standard of living for people at all income levels in the United States.

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John Shively
Chief Executive Officer of Pebble Partnership, Past President of the Alaska Resources Development Council, and former Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources

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