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Apr 19

Building a Secure and Peaceful Afghanistan

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Afghanistan faces major challenges in defeating the Taliban-led insurgency, restoring the rule of law, reforming the government, fostering economic growth and rebuilding an infrastructure that has been shattered by more than three decades of war. The United States has played a key role in leading coalition efforts to support the building of a free Afghanistan, but Afghans increasingly must take the lead in this vital mission.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the influential leader of the political party “Coalition for Hope and Change,” will assess the current situation in Afghanistan and discuss how to build a peaceful, secure and prosperous future for his country. Dr. Abdullah formerly served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and was the leading opposition candidate in Afghanistan’s controversial 2009 presidential elections. He is a strong advocate for reform of the Afghan government, building a more inclusive democratic political system and promoting a peaceful Afghanistan free from Taliban terrorism.

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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and 2009 Presidential Candidate

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