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Mar 23

The Rise of Nihilism and Loss of Identity: An Analysis of a Cultural Crisis Among African-Americans

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Family structure, self-worth, and independence are values that spur individuals and communities to success. But when the predominant voices in culture denigrate and reject those building blocks of civil society, individuals can be left with little guidance or expectation for the future. Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr. suggests that through family breakdown, a decrease in the church’s influence, and historical migration trends among the black community, African-American culture has reached a crisis of identity and direction. Dr. Ellis argues that despite the fact that many African-Americans value the promises of family, personal achievement, and self-reliance, hopeless nihilism dominates much of today’s black culture. Rejecting this discordant strain and restoring confidence in African-American mainstream values is essential for overcoming this cultural crisis, he concludes.

 Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr. teaches at Westminster Theological Seminary and Oxford Graduate School (TN). He is the author of multiple books on African-American culture and religious practice including, Going Global Beyond the Boundaries.

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Carl F. Ellis, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Redeemer Seminary

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The Honorable Kay Coles James
President, The Gloucester Institute