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Mar 14

Using Pro-Growth Public Policy to Create a Real Strategy for American Innovation

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Increasingly, policymakers are focused on entrepreneurial innovation as a key to unlocking higher levels of economic growth. With the economy still functioning at a sub-par level and the unemployment rate a stagnant 9 percent, many people believe that only heightened entrepreneurial activity can get America moving again.

President Obama shares this viewpoint and in February re-released his Strategy for American Innovation. Legislative bodies at all levels have been intensifying their focus on this policy subject. However, what is the role of government in nurturing innovative products, services, and new business ideas? Is government the guiding hand, both through its banking and regulatory roles, that leads entrepreneurs toward socially and economically beneficial innovation? Or, does government best support the growth of innovation by providing a non-intrusive institutional environment within which entrepreneurs create new things? In what ways can the government foster innovation and in what ways is government a hindrance?

Join us as three leading thinkers in the newly revitalized area of innovation policy share their views on this subject.

More About the Speakers

Russell S. Sobel, Ph.D.
James Clark Coffman Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies, West Virginia University

Tony Woodlief, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Programs, Market-Based Management Institute

André Andonian
Director, McKinsey & Company’s Stamford Office and Global Leader, McKinsey’s Advanced Industries Sector

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