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Mar 21

Hungary's New Constitution: Prospects for the Rule of Law & Liberty in New Europe

This video is no longer available online.

Co-hosted by the Hungarian American Coalition and the Common Sense Society

Hungary is now drafting and debating a new constitution and lovers of liberty should take note of this attempt to, in the words of The Federalist, “establish good government from reflection and choice.” The proposed constitution would replace the one adopted in 1949 and significantly revised during the regime change of 1989. At this critical juncture, Hungary has the chance to provide a model for proper constitutionalism in Europe. To fail, in the words of Hamilton, would be a “general misfortune for mankind.” If successful, Hungary will be the first European Union Member State to adopt a national constitution since the Lisbon Treaty took effect in 2009, naturally raising issues of self-government and national sovereignty within the context of European integration. Americans are watching with expectation Hungary’s new experiment in establishing good government.

~ This interactive event will be live-cast to the Common Sense Society audience in Budapest, Hungary. ~

More About the Speakers

H.E. János Csák
Hungarian Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Member, National Consultation Committee on the Constitution

József Szájer, Fidesz MEP
Head, National Consultation Committee on the Constitution

Maximilian Teleki
President, The Hungarian-American Coalition

Robert Alt
Senior Legal Fellow and Deputy Director, Center for Legal & Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Marion Smith
Graduate Fellow, B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)