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Mar 17

Ending America's Addiction to Energy Subsidies

This video is no longer available online.

$18.6 billion worth of direct financial subsidies were provided by the federal government to energy companies and organizations in 2009 – with the promise that such support would reduce America’s reliance on foreign energy sources, push technological breakthroughs, and ensure that Americans had access to reliable and affordable energy sources. Unfortunately, this approach has failed miserably. Decades of handouts have led to tens of billions of wasted taxpayer dollars and entire industries completely dependant on the federal dole. The result is stifled innovation, higher energy costs, and an increased tax burden. Can America’s addiction to energy subsidies be stopped? Or even reversed?

More About the Speakers

Steve Ellis
Vice President, Taxpayers for Common Sense

Andrew Moylan
Vice President, Government Affairs, National Taxpayers Union

Jack Spencer
Research Fellow, Nuclear Energy Policy, The Heritage Foundation

Dan Holler
Communications Director, Heritage Action for America (Moderator)