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Jan 13

Unionizing Through Regulation

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Private sector unionization rates have fallen to an 80-year low. Only 1-in-10 unorganized workers tell pollsters they want union representation. Unions have responded to their falling membership by seeking to change the law. The midterm election ended their push to have Congress eliminate secret ballot unionizing elections. Unions have now shifted their focus to the Executive Branch.

Federal agencies are quietly but aggressively reinterpreting the law to make it more difficult for workers to say “no” to unions. The National Labor Relations Board is expanding the powers of union organizers while making it more difficult for workers to de-unionize. The National Mediation Board overturned eight decades of precedent to facilitate unionizing Delta Air Lines. The Department of Labor is undoing union transparency measures that show workers exactly how unions spend their money if they join.

Join us as our panelists discuss this push to unionize by regulation and examine what the Obama Administration is doing and what Congress can do about it.

More About the Speakers

Robert Siegel
Partner, O'Melveny & Myers, and Attorney Representing the Air Transport Association in ATA vs. NMB

Joanne Smith
Senior Vice President for In-Flight Service, Delta Air Lines

John Raudabaugh
Former Member, National Labor Relations Board

Don Todd
Former Director, Office of Labor-Management Standards

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James Sherk James Sherk

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