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Dec 17

Did America Have a Christian Founding?

This video is no longer available online.
Did America Have a Christian Founding? This common question, simple as it seems, does not admit of a simple answer. In fact, as Dr. Mark David Hall shows based on a careful survey of Founding Era documents, it necessarily gives rise to several other questions: When we speak of a Christian Founding, do we mean that the Founding was hospitable to Christianity, that the Founders themselves were pious Christians, or that Christian ideas directly influenced the Founding? And speaking of the Founding, are we referring to the 17th Century colonial settlements or to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? And what does a Christian Founding imply for the relationship between church and state? Join us as Dr. Hall explores the manifold meanings of this pregnant question.

Mark David Hall is the Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Political Science at George Fox University. He is the author of The Political and Legal Philosophy of James Wilson, 1742-1798 and of the Center for American Studies’ First Principles essay “Justice, Law, and the Creation of the American Republic: The Forgotten Legacy of James Wilson.” He is a recognized expert on church and state issues.

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