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Dec 10

What Future for Democracy in China?

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Will spectacular economic growth, the meteoric expansion of its 100-million-strong middle class and increasingly focused world attention compel China to become more democratic? A few years ago, the easy answer might have been “yes.” Recently, however, a positive answer is increasingly in doubt. China’s authoritarian regime shows little sign of loosening its firm grip on power. To the contrary, the ferocity of the reaction of the Chinese government to the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize award to dissident Liu Xiaobo appears to indicate that, instead of pursuing a trajectory toward democracy, China’s Communist Party is digging in with severe repression of pro-democracy voices. So then, What Future for Democracy in China? Join us as a group of human rights and democracy specialists tackle this vital question.

More About the Speakers

Jonathan Cao
Chinese Coalition for Citizens Rights

Tencho Gyatso
Special Assistant for Advocacy, International Campaign for Tibet

Nicole Kempton
Washington Director, Laogai Research Foundation

Annette Lanto
Chairman, The Lantos Foundation

Clothilde Le Coz
Washington Director, Reporters Without Borders

Walter Lohman
Director, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Lee Edwards
Chairman, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (Moderator)