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Nov 30

The Promise and Perils of Hydraulic Fracturing: Best Answers to the Hardest Questions

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Horizontal drilling technology combined with hydraulic fracturing can add to America’s reserves hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of gas that were previously too expensive to extract. However, concerns about possible environmental problems with the drilling may significantly hinder access to these reserves. With representation from both industry and environmental advocacy, our panel will present the case for both the potential benefits and problems of expanded drilling with hydraulic fracturing technology.

More About the Speakers

Scott Anderson
Senior Policy Advisor, Environmental Defense Fund

Mark K. Boling
Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Southwestern Energy Company

Lee Fuller
Vice President of Government Relations, Independent Petroleum Association of America

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David W. Kreutzer, Ph.D. David W. Kreutzer, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow, Energy Economics and Climate Change Read More