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Nov 23

Southeast Asian Economic Community and American Interests

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East Asia is a truly dynamic part of the world. One huge piece of it – Southeast Asia – has long been embarked on an effort to draw together, pool its strengths, and create a market of scale that can compete with its giant neighbors, China and India.

The most critical piece of this is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) effort to achieve economic community by 2015. What kind of progress are they making? What exactly does “economic community” in the ASEAN context entail? What are the American interests involved in this integration process, and are there things the U.S. is doing or should be doing to help?

Please join us as we explore the real impact of Southeast Asian economic integration, what it means for the region, the countries involved and America.

More About the Speakers

Barbara Weisel
Assistant U. S. Trade Representative for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Alexander Feldman
President, US-ASEAN Business Council

James Wallar
Senior Vice President, International Development, Nathan Associates, Inc.

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Walter Lohman Walter Lohman

Director, Asian Studies Center Read More