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Oct 28

Republicans, Conservatives, and Foreign Policy

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President Obama’s approach to foreign policy has been difficult to characterize. He has continued some of President Bush’s policies but often has taken exactly the opposite approach. His choices have confounded Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives alike. With mid-term elections portending Republican gains in Congress, predicting future U.S. foreign policy decisions is difficult.

Join us as Colin Dueck, Associate Professor of International Affairs at George Mason University, discusses the relationship of party politics, American conservatism, and presidential leadership to U.S. foreign policy. In his new book, Hard Line: The Republican Party and U.S. Foreign Policy Since World War II (Princeton University Press), Dr. Dueck examines the policies of Republican presidents and key advisors to answer such questions as: How have conservatives rallied around foreign policy issues? What changes and continuities have there been in conservative foreign policy thinking? What foreign policy approaches are typical for Republican leaders? What lessons can new Members of Congress and presidential candidates glean from the times when conservatives were not in power? Is presidential leadership absolutely crucial?

Dueck, a graduate of Princeton, a Rhodes Scholar, and a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, is also author of Reluctant Crusaders: Power, Culture, and Change in American Grand Strategy. His articles have appeared in Policy Review, International Security, Political Science Quarterly, and others.

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Colin Dueck, Ph.D.
Author of Hard Line: The Republican Party and U.S. Foreign Policy since World War II and Associate Professor of International Affairs, George Mason University

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