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Oct 05

<i>A Generation Awakes: Young Americans for Freedom and the Creation of the Conservative Movement</i>

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Fifty years ago, a small group of conservative students and young adults gathered at the family home of Bill and Jim Buckley in Sharon, Connecticut. Whey they left that weekend, they had formed a new organization called Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and agreed on a basic collection of principles, The Sharon Statement. YAF forged the growing conservative movement into a political force that seized control of a party, elected one of their own to the presidency, and, in the process, changed the world.

In A Generation Awakes, Wayne Thorburn provides the first comprehensive history of the Young Americans for Freedom, from which also came 27 members of Congress, eight U.S. Circuit Court judges, a Vice President of the United States, governors, numerous media figures and journalists, college presidents and professors, authors and many of the leaders of the major conservative organizations in the United States today. A Generation Awakes relates the impact and influence of a critical organization upon American political history that continues to this day.

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Wayne Thorburn

With commentaries from
Frank J. Donatelli
Former YAF National Executive Director

Brian Darling
Former YAF National Board Member

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