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Sep 30

The Obama Doctrine: Hindering American Foreign Policy

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Almost two years into his term, President Obama had hoped to improve America’s standing in the world by crafting a foreign policy vastly different from his predecessor’s. His statements and actions demonstrate a doctrine that sees America less as “the exceptional nation” than as an “equal partner,” one nation among many. Characteristics of his policies include a heightened emphasis on multilateralism, an apologetic attitude toward the past, a more restrained role on the global stage, and an atmosphere of mutual respect toward oppressive autocracies.

Examining the principles and policies advanced thus far by the Obama Administration, Professor Henry Nau and former Assistant Secretary of State Kim R. Holmes will analyze whether the unfolding Obama Doctrine has in fact improved America’s standing in the world and our national interests.

More About the Speakers

Henry Nau, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science, The Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Kim Holmes, Ph.D.
Vice President for Foreign Policy, The Heritage Foundation

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