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Sep 28

The 2010 DOD China Report: Defining the Challenge To Taiwan

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The recently released annual Department of Defense Report to Congress provides the official US assessment of China’s military capabilities. What does it say explicitly – and implicitly – about the threat posed to Taiwan? How should the report findings influence pending arms sales and America’s obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA)? Taiwan’s long-standing request for F-16s remains unfilled. Undue delays have surfaced over seemingly minor arms sales notifications to Congress. Is U.S. policy toward Taiwan taking the threat it faces into full account? Or having made the $6.4 billion second installment on the Bush-era sale to Taiwan, is the Administration tacking back to a more China-sensitive orientation? We hope to address these questions and others with top experts on the PLA and the cross-straits military balance.

More About the Speakers

Mark Stokes
Executive Director, Project 2049 Institute

Dan Blumenthal
Resident Fellow and Director, Asian Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Dean Cheng
Research Fellow, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation

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