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May 11

The UK General Election 2010: Implications for the United States

This video is no longer available online.
On May 6, 2010 British voters will head to the polls in the tightest UK general election in a generation. Recent polling suggests the distinct possibility of a hung parliament for only the second time since World War II, which has led to intense media speculation regarding the possible role of Britain’s third party, the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity and will compete for votes against the charismatic leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, and the increasingly embattled Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Please join our distinguished panel as they discuss the results of the British General Election and its impact on U.S. politics, as well as the implications for critical issues in American foreign policy, including the future of the Special Relationship, NATO and the transatlantic alliance, the Iranian nuclear crisis, and the war in Afghanistan.

More About the Speakers

Fred Barnes
Executive Editor,
The Weekly Standard

Dr. Nile Gardiner
Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom,
The Heritage Foundation

Ambassador Kurt Volker
Former U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO (2008-2009) and
Senior Fellow,
The Johns Hopkins University
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

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Sally McNamara Sally McNamara

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