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Apr 06

Sea Power in the 21st Century

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The U.S. Navy aims to make the seas safer for global commerce, noncommercial maritime activities, and undersea infrastructure. But there are doubts about whether the Navy’s current plans – even if fully funded – will be adequate to meet the operational demands associated with increasingly lethal challenges to maritime security.

These challenges include: the expanding capability of China and Iran to create “no-go zones” in the maritime areas off their costs; the increasing vulnerability of military and commercial vessels to attacks from sea using unmanned aerial vehicles, short-range ballistic and cruise missiles, floating explosive devices, undersea mines, and possibly weapons of mass destruction; and the ever-present threat of maritime piracy and criminal activity. Join us as our guests explore ways to make our Naval force more responsive to these threats and better able to fulfill its expanding roles.

More About the Speakers

Ronald O'Rourke
Specialist in Naval Affairs,
Congressional Research Service

Commander Bryan McGrath, USN (Ret)
Former Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Information, Plans & Strategy)
and primary author of the latest Maritime Strategy

Captain Peter Swartz, USN (Ret)
Research Analyst,
Center for Naval Analyses

Moderated by:
Claude Berube
Adjunct Professor,
United States Naval Academy

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Jena Baker McNeill Jena Baker McNeill

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