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Apr 14

The Challenges of Islamist Extremist Ideology to America's Founding Principles

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Western legal tradition rests on the idea that there is “one law for all.” This idea has emerged from the Judeo-Christian tradition as mediated by the Enlightenment, particularly from the tradition’s teaching about the equal dignity and liberty of all. What challenges does Islamist extremism pose domestically in the United States to the core principles of Western society? Western European and British experiences point to potential areas of friction in public life. How do Islamist tenets challenge specific central principles of Western legal and social foundations, including the rule of law, the role of women and equality before the law, religious liberty, freedom of speech, and free enterprise?

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was Bishop of Rochester in the Church of England from 1994 to 2009. He currently serves as President of OXTRAD, the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue. Pakistani-born, he served as Bishop of Raiwind in Pakistan and is a prominent spokesman for a meaningful engagement between Christianity and Islam and commentator on the rise of Islamism and of Sharia Law in the West.

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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Former Bishop of Rochester,
Church of England,
and President, OXTRAD

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