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Mar 03

Road to Serfdom? Hayekian Insights for These Trying Times

This video is no longer available online.

What lessons from the past can address our current economic woes?  The Austrian economist Friedrich A. Hayek lived through similarly trying times, and he had many insights about sound economic thinking that can point the way forward.  Join us as we see that his insights still have considerable relevance today.

Bruce Caldwell is a Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University.  He is the General Editor of the book series, The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, and the author of Hayek's Challenge: An Intellectual Biography of F. A. Hayek, both published by the University of Chicago Press.

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Bruce Caldwell, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the History of Political Economy,
Duke University

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