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Mar 30

Inaugural Helms Lecture Protecting National Sovereignty in the Age of Obama

This video is no longer available online.
The vital concept of national sovereignty is under assault around the globe in virtually every realm of public policy. Every day new proposals are advanced in the United Nations and other international forums that would intrude on the ability of societies to govern themselves, to control their interactions with other nations, and to defend their own security. We know how Senator Jesse Helms would react to these proposals. When he addressed the UN Security Council in 2000, Senator Helms stated, “The United Nations must respect national sovereignty in the United States and everywhere else. The United Nations serves nation states, not the other way around. This principle is central to the legitimacy and the ultimate survival of the United Nations, and it is a principle that must be protected.”

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration appears to be more interested in encouraging this trend than in protecting our sovereignty. Despite the Climategate Scandal, the United Nations and the Obama Administration continue to seek a climate change agreement that would dramatically affect the lives of all Americans. Despite ample evidence of the failure of UN arms control efforts, the Obama Administration continues to seek out and negotiate treaties that rely on UN verification and oversight. Despite the fact that President Clinton warned against ratifying the Rome Statute, the Obama Administration remains dedicated to increasing U.S. cooperation with the International Criminal Court created by the Statute. Despite its claims to be a friend of the private sector, the Obama Administration has entertained the false notion that recovery required the creation of supranational G20 institutions. And despite warnings from President Reagan, the Obama Administration advocates the ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would create yet another ungovernable international bureaucracy with the power to make law for the United States.

Please join us as Ambassador Bolton comments on these policies and the alternatives the U.S. should pursue.

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Ambassador John R. Bolton
Senior Fellow,
The American Enterprise Institute