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Mar 01

Limiting Leviathan: The State's Role in Protecting Liberty

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When the federal government increasingly encroaches on our liberty, it is even more important to remember the states' role in protecting freedom. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will address a number of areas in which states can and should push back, including: fighting federal health care proposals that would constitute an unprecedented intrusion into American lives and violate state equality; protecting state tort reforms against interference by Congress and the federal courts; and protecting consumers and businesses against federal takeover of the auto industry. Attorney General Abbott will also explain Texas's recently filed lawsuit to challenge the U.S. EPA's far-reaching climate change regulations that threaten to limit our freedom and impoverish us.

Not only does the federal government intrude where it does not belong, it also refuses to defend individual liberties that it is sworn to enforce. In contrast, Attorney General Abbott authored an amicus brief on behalf of 31 states in a landmark Supreme Court case in 2008, successfully arguing that the Second Amendment is an individual right to keep and bear arms. On the day before the Supreme Court hears the next landmark gun rights case from Chicago, Attorney General Abbott will talk about his leadership role on behalf of 38 states arguing that cities and states also must respect Second Amendment rights.

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