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Feb 19

Time for Certainty in Counterterrorism PoliciesTime for Certainty in Counterterrorism Policies

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The attacks of 9/11 prompted the nation to overhaul and upgrade its counterterrorism tools and policies.  Today, a majority of those counterterrorism initiatives enjoy wide approval.  However, there is still debate over whether certain tools, including specific provisions of the Patriot Act, are necessary to fight and win this war.  Soon, three of those provisions are set to expire, but, given the recent attacks at Ft. Hood and on Christmas day, is now the time to scale back our counterterrorism tools?  Should they be extended for 10 months as news reports suggest may happen?  Or do we need to institutionalize these and other tools in this fight against radical terrorists?  Join us as former Homeland Security Advisor Ken Wainstein discusses what legal structures will keep America safe for the long war.

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The Honorable Kenneth L. Wainstein
Former Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush

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Charles "Cully" Stimson Charles "Cully" Stimson

Manager, National Security Law Program and Senior Legal Fellow Read More