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Jan 19

Transforming The Federal Policy Apparatus and Local Law Enforcement To Meet Today's Threats

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Join us in welcoming one of America’s foremost law enforcement officials, Sheriff Lee Baca of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Baca will discuss the need for a greater state and local voice within the mechanisms of federal policy development. From the formation to the execution of national policy, an apparatus to support state and local input is largely absent. In the post-9/11 era where our nation faces asymmetrical warfare and non-state actor threats, state and local law enforcement and first responders are the first line of offense and defense. It is, therefore, vital that these key players who possess many of the resources needed to succeed have a place at the table as national policy is developed, reviewed, and executed.

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Lee Baca
Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California

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Matt A. Mayer Matt A. Mayer

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