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Dec 10

What We Saw in Honduras: The Elections in Honduras and Their Implication for U.S. Policy

This video is no longer available online.

On November 29, the people of Honduras elected National Party candidate Porfiro "Pepe" Lobo to be the next President of Honduras.  While many critics claim the elections were neither free nor fair, the United States has already moved to recognize the legitimacy of the elections and congratulate the winner.  Honduras has today become a highly polarizing issue in the Americas and in the U.S.  Our panelists of election observers will provide a firsthand report on the November 29 vote and offer an opportunity to discuss the importance of moving forward to end the international isolation of Honduras and to strengthen the democratic and constitutional order in that nation.

More About the Speakers


The Honorable Jerry Weller
New World Group,
and former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Adolfo Franco
Direct Selling Association,
and former Assistant Administrator,
Agency for International Development

Roberto Flores
Former Ambassador of Honduras to the United States

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Ray Walser, Ph.D. Ray Walser, Ph.D.

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