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Dec 01

Stop Paying the Crooks: Solutions to End the Fraud That Threatens Your Healthcare

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During President Obama’s address to Congress on September 9, he suggested targeting fraud, waste and abuse to pay for any major health care reform effort. Stop Paying the Crooks not only exposes the hundreds of billions of dollars lost to common criminals, but also provides workable solutions to eliminate such fraud within our health system. Among the stories are a Brooklyn dentist who filed 991 claims in one day and 150 men who received maternity benefits from the New York State Medicaid system. Authored by a collaboration of experts from a variety of fields including health care, information technology and the credit card industry, Stop Paying the Crooks outlines solutions to end fraudulent abuse and help put America’s health care system – and the economy – on sound financial footing. Join us as James Frogue, editor, and Mark Birdwhistell and Merrill Matthews, two of his fellow contributors, examine the egregious examples of downright robbery occurring in America’s health care industry and how they can be addressed.

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James Frogue
Vice President and Director of State Policy,
Center for Health Transformation

Mark Birdwhistell
Chief External Affairs Officer,
University of Kentucky Medical Center,
and former Secretary for Health and Family Services,
State of Kentucky

Merrill Matthews, Ph.D.
Council for Affordable Health Insurance

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