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Dec 07

Reappraising the Right: The Past and Future of American Conservatism

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Reappraising the Right is both a revealing examination of conservatism’s rise and an insightful – and ultimately encouraging – reflection on its chances for renewal.

Drawing on more than thirty years of study and reflection, George H. Nash
re-examines the roots and achievements of the contemporary American Right and reflects on conservatism’s present predicament. While showcasing the luminaries as well as the less well-known individuals who laid the foundations for modern conservatism, he also provides surprising and provocative perspectives on Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, neo-conservatism and "crunchy conservatism," National Review and Commentary, economists and intellectuals, think tanks and colleges, the Great Depression, and much more.

Nash delivers an enlightened and enlightening assessment of the future for American conservatism –
not only analyzing the causes of the Right’s present discontent and the dangers that lurk ahead, but also reminding readers of hopeful portents that conservatives have overlooked.

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George H. Nash

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Lee Edwards, Ph.D. Lee Edwards, Ph.D.

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