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Dec 03

How Britain Should Defeat the Terrorist Threat: A Conservative Vision for Counter-Terrorism

This video is no longer available online.

The United Kingdom and the United States jointly face a huge threat posed by international terrorist groups, many affiliated with al-Qaeda. In January 2009, the head of MI-5, Britain's domestic security service, stated that 2,000 individuals in Britain alone were directly connected to Islamist terrorist plots and that many more supported terrorism through fundraising or propaganda. From September 11, 2001, to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 individuals on terrorism-related offenses.

Join us as UK Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling assesses the tremendous challenges faced by the United Kingdom in confronting the threats posed by terrorist organizations, and outlines a series of measures to defeat them.

Chris Grayling has been a member of Parliament since 2001, serving as Shadow Health Minister, Shadow Higher and Further Education Minister, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and as Shadow Home Secretary since 2009.

Prior to entering Parliament he worked for international communications firm Burson Marsteller, as well as BBC News and Channel Four. Chris Grayling was educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He has written several books, including works on Anglo-American relations, and life in England after the First World War.

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Chris Grayling MP
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