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Nov 17

Health Care and Medical Malpractice Reform: The Necessity of Reform in the Current Debate

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All victims of medical malpractice should have access to the courts for the compensation that they are entitled to under our laws, but state laws have encouraged highly inefficient litigation that enriches trial lawyers at the expense of both doctors and patients. Our current medical liability system encourages the practice of defensive medicine, which causes doctors to order unnecessary tests and treatments, simply close their practices, or refuse to perform high-risk procedures. Medical liability reform cannot solve all problems, but no health care bill will ever be comprehensive without it. The goal of health care reform, rather than raising premiums, taxing the middle class, and cutting Medicare, ought to be to lower costs, increase access to care, and improve the quality of care. Medical liability reform can accomplish all three of those goals.

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The Honorable John Cornyn (R-TX)
Member, United States Senate

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