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Nov 19

Hope, Growth, and Enterprise: Social Justice Lessons from the Life of Jack Kemp

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With unbridled and infectious optimism, Jack Kemp (1935-2009) championed hope, growth, and enterprise to overcome poverty and social breakdown in America and around the world. In his roles as U.S. Congressman, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and passionate proponent of the free market, Kemp’s efforts highlighted the powerful combination of great ideas joined with the good works of neighborhood leaders.

Jeff Kemp, son of the late Jack Kemp and President of Stronger Families, will pay tribute to his father’s legacy as the social justice conservative of his generation. As Jack Kemp’s example reminds us, social justice begins at the ground level where relationships foster the personal dignity and responsibility that lead to opportunity. Following Kemp’s keynote address, a panel of conservatives from Australia and Britain will discuss policy implications of these universal principles, and how they are applying them to stop social breakdown, help families escape poverty, and rebuild communities in their own countries.

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Featuring Keynote Remarks by:
Jeff Kemp
Stronger Families

Followed by a Panel Discussion with:
Philippa Stroud
Centre for Social Justice,
United Kingdom

The Honorable Kevin Andrews, MP

Moderated by:
Jay F. Hein
Sagamore Institute

Hosted By

Jennifer A. Marshall Jennifer A. Marshall

Vice President for the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity, and the Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Fellow Read More