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May 06

Pakistan: Countering the Rising Extremist Threat

This video is no longer available online.

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

Taliban militants have made new inroads in to Pakistan's North West Frontier Province, undermining the central government and raising questions about the stability of the state.  What has led to the current crisis?  How are the Pakistani people responding?  What does it mean for the future of democracy and societal trends in Pakistan?  Join us for a discussion featuring former Information Minister and Member of Pakistan's National Assembly Sherry Rehman.  Ms. Rehman was one of the few Pakistani parliamentarians to raise concerns about the Swat peace deal and its implications for the people of the region.  Following Ms. Rehman's presentation, we will hear comments from experts on the region.  We hope you can attend this timely and important discussion.

More About the Speakers

Featuring Opening Remarks by:

The Honorable Sherry Rehman
Member of Parliament,
National Assembly of Pakistan

Followed by a Panel Discussion with:

Lisa Curtis
Senior Research Fellow,
Asian Studies Center,
The Heritage Foundation

Joshua White
Research Fellow,
Center on Faith & International Affairs,
Institute for Global Engagement

Haider Mullick
Senior Fellow,
Joint Special Operations University, USA,
and Associate,
Pakistan Security Research Unit,
University of Bradford, UK

Hosted By

Walter Lohman Walter Lohman

Director, Asian Studies Center Read More