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Mar 31

NATO's 60th Anniversary Summit: A Critical Time for the Transatlantic Alliance

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Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

NATO's 60th Anniversary Summit on April 3-4 in Strasbourg-Kehl will take place during President Obama's first European tour as U.S. President.  His agenda will be crowded with high-profile issues including the war in Afghanistan, NATO-EU relations, NATO expansion, Third Site missile defense, and the appointment of a new Secretary General.  Afghanistan in particular will test the transatlantic security alliance, as the spotlight will once again focus on continental Europe's failure to send large numbers of combat troops to take part in the NATO-led mission.  Join us as our panelists examine these and other critical transatlantic alliance issues.

Dr. Michael O'Hanlon specializes in U.S. national security policy including the use of military force and other defense issues; he is senior author of the Brookings Institution's Iraq Index.  Dr. Kimberly Kagan is a military historian who has taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Yale University, Georgetown University, and American University; she is the author of several books and articles, including The Eye of Command (University of Michigan Press, 2006).  Sally McNamara concentrates on EU and European issues related to the transatlantic relationship; she specializes in analyzing NATO's evolving role in post-Cold War Europe.

More About the Speakers

Michael E. O'Hanlon, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow,
Foreign Policy,
The Brookings Institution

Kimberly Kagan, Ph.D.
Institute for the Study of War

Sally McNamara
Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs,
Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom,
The Heritage Foundation

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