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Feb 04

Is the Bolshevik Design Dead?

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

In The Chief Culprit, best-selling author Viktor Suvorov probes newly released Soviet documents and reevaluates existing historical material to analyze Stalin's strategic design to conquer Europe and the reasons behind his controversial support of Nazi Germany.  Suvorov argues that Stalin's strategy was based on Lenin's belief that if World War I did not ignite the worldwide Communist revolution, a second world war would be needed.  The Chief Culprit exposes Stalin as a dictator consumed by visions of a worldwide revolution at any cost, including the wooing of Hitler and Germany.  Although he did not spark a revolution, says Suvorov, Stalin achieved key objectives such as establishing Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, China, and North Korea. 

In his lecture, Viktor Suvorov will discuss whether Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin - a former KGB colonel - is pursuing a "non-revolutionary" version of Stalin's grand design with his sale of weapons to North Korea and Iran and his use of Russia's oil and natural gas reserves to influence and intimidate nations in the "near abroad" as well as Europe.

More About the Speakers

Viktor Suvorov
Former Soviet Intelligence Officer
and Author of The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design To Start World War II