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Jan 13

A Political Idea That Won't Go Away: Implications of Moral Law for America's Founding and Future

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

For centuries, the idea that human beings have an inherent sense of right and wrong has intrigued political and religious thinkers. The notion of a "natural" moral law has been a key driver of much Christian political thought in the west.  It has helped shape the development of religious freedom and the concept of rights, and its influence on America's Founding Fathers was fundamental. 

In today's post-modern society, however, the concept often prompts confusion and controversy.  Even critics who might accept the reality of a moral law in theory wonder whether such an idea is outdated, impractical or unnecessary as a basis for liberal democracy.

Dr. Greg Forster, author of The Contested Public Square, provides clarity on this important topic.  Forster will explain the ways the Founders relied on natural law as well as its continuing relevance for America's future.  Points of focus will include the way citizens debate justice and morality in the public square, how they resist tyranny and defend freedom, and the possibility of civil discourse in a pluralistic society.

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Greg Forster, Ph.D.
Author of The Contested Public Square: The Crisis of Christianity and Politics

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