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Dec 03

Missile Defense in Europe: The Way Forward

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The Iranian ballistic missile and nuclear threat continues to grow, unhindered by the efforts of the international community.  Some have speculated that Iran will have the wherewithal for at least one nuclear weapon in the near term.  Reports of the successful test of a multi-stage ballistic missile with a solid rocket motor are also not encouraging. Adding to these concerns are questions about the Obama administration's commitment to missile defense in Europe, a system designed to blunt the Iranian missile and nuclear threat.  Please join us for a discussion of these issues and other matters regarding the future of missile defense in Europe.

More About the Speakers

Sally McNamara
Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs,
Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom,
The Heritage Foundation

Ilan Berman
Vice President for Policy,
American Foreign Policy Council

Mario Loyola
Foreign and Defense Policy Counsel,
US Senate Republican Policy Committee

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