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Oct 16

Exploring New Nuclear Technologies

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The U.S. is at the threshold of a nuclear renaissance as it prepares for a new era of nuclear power plant construction.  But nuclear technology can provide so much more.  Indeed, it brings the promise of an energy revolution.  The development and commercialization of small reactors, fast reactors, alternative fueled reactors, and other technologies will allow nuclear power to be applied in ways that rarely enter the energy conversation.  These technologies can safely and securely bring electricity to parts of the world that remain untouched by modern energy infrastructure.  They can also be used as secure transportation fuel, to bring the world potable water, as well as providing Americans with low-cost, clean electricity.  What will it take for these technologies to become commercially viable in the U.S.?  What obstacles must they overcome and how do they fit into the broad picture of nuclear energy?  Are there any potential drawbacks?  Join us as representatives from the Idaho National Laboratory, Thorium Reactors, Hyperion and General Atomics discuss the potential of new nuclear technologies for America.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Dennis K. Hays (Ret.)
Vice President,
Thorium Power, Ltd.

Deborah Deal Blackwell, APR
Vice President,
Licensing & Public Affairs,
Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.

Mark Haynes
Vice President,
Energy Development,
General Atomics

Philip C. Hildebrandt
Special Assistant to the Laboratory Director for
Prototype Reactors & Major Projects,
Idaho National Laboratory

Hosted By

Jack Spencer Jack Spencer

Vice President, the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity Read More