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Oct 17

Advancing Liberty, Prosperity and Security in the Western Hemisphere

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

Advancing prosperity and security throughout the Western Hemisphere is in the United States' vital national interests.  Advancing free trade is a cornerstone of this endeavor.  Free trade between friendly countries advances mutual economic freedom and prosperity.  It also strengthens partnerships in security cooperation and enhances regional stability.  In an era where opponents of liberty are making an aggressive oil-revenue-fueled push, strengthening partnerships with friendly neighbors in the Western Hemisphere is as important as ever. 

Key questions need to be considered.  How does unilaterally demanding the renegotiation of trade agreements like NAFTA - which passed with bipartisan support - impact both the U.S. and friendly border-sharing countries like Canada and Mexico?  How can we better work together instead?  Why should Congress give due consideration to pending free trade agreements with pro-U.S. countries such as Colombia and Panama?  How are the U.S. and partner countries such as Costa Rica benefiting from CAFTA?  How does the Chile-U.S. FTA benefit both countries?  Should trade agreements contain stiffer labor and environment conditionality?  How does the U.S. make sure that mistakes of the past are not repeated by reverting to self-defeating protectionism as we did in the depression of the 1930s?  What are the success stories and lessons learned?  How should we work together to better with partner countries to advance liberty, prosperity and security in the Western Hemisphere?

More About the Speakers

His Excellency Arturo Sarukhan
Ambassador of Mexico to the United States

His Excellency F. Tomás Dueñas
Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States

His Excellency Federico Humbert
Ambassador of Panama to the United States

His Excellency Mariano Fernández
Ambassador of Chile to the United States

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