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Sep 24

Workable Solutions for Long-Term Care

More About the Speakers

Featuring Guest "Members" -


Peggy Handrich,

Senior Vice President, Sellers Feinberg


Alan Levine,


Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals


Anthony D. Rodgers,


Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System


Martha Roherty,

Executive Dir.,

National Association of State Units on Aging


Patrick Flood,

Deputy Secretary,

Vermont AHS


Chris Traylor,

Texas HHSC,

Medicaid Director



9:00 am:  "The Self-Directed Care Model and its Application to Medicaid Reform"


With Expert Witness

Suzanne Crisp

Senior Research Leader, Thomson Reuters Healthcare


10:30 am: "Private Sector Models in the Context of Medicaid Reform"


With Expert Witness

Chuck Milligan J.D, MPH

Executive Director of the Center for Health Program Development and Management (Center) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County(UMBC)


1:00 pm: "Existing Fiscal Challenges to the Reform of Medicaid"


With Expert Witness

James Capretta

Fellow in the Economics and Ethics Program of the Ethics and Public Policy Center


2:00 pm:  "Home and Community-Based Care Financing Models and their Application to Medicaid Reform"


With Expert Witness:

Steve Eiken, M.A.

 Senior Analyst, Chronic Care and Disability Research Division, Thomson Reuters Healthcare



3:00 pm: "The Experience of Public and Private Long-Term Care Financing and its Application to Medicaid Reform"


With Expert Witness:

Larry Polivka, Ph.D.

 Associate Professor and Associate Director School of Aging Studies; Director, Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging





John Kemp, CEO, ACCSES


Robert Helms, Ph.D.,Resident Scholar at American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research


After testimonies by the Expert Witnesses and questions and comments from the Members, the Reactors will give "Inside Washington" perspectives at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions

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