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Apr 17

Pure Goldwater

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

For over fifty years, Senator and 1964 Republican Presidential candidate Barry M. Goldwater kept a private journal.  That journal - never previously published - is the core of this new book.  This intimate material provides a fresher, not to mention deeper and more insightful, portrait of an American original than prior works.  It is an unfiltered view of a man whose life and ideas changed American history.

Goldwater's individuality, inviolable sense of values, and his candid approach to politics - practically absent from today's political arena, media, and blogosphere - is a revelation.  With the 2008 election on the horizon, it is tempting to imagine him as a candidate: reviving lackluster debates and speaking his mind without regard for popular opinion polls or the media.  Pure Goldwater offers insight into a man that helped navigate on the most tumultuous periods in American history, from Ike to Nixon to the Reagan era.

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Barry Goldwater, Jr. and John W. Dean

With commentary from:

Lee Edwards, Ph.D.
Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought,
B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies,
The Heritage Foundation

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