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Feb 20

Upstream: The Ascendance of American Conservatism

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

As part of the American conservative movement since childhood, Alfred S. Regnery possesses an intimate knowledge of the key figures in its history and firsthand experience as a foot-soldier in many of its campaigns.  In Upstream, he shares many uniquely personal anecdotes and stories from the era as he chronicles the development of conservatism in America.

Prior to and just after World War II, government power at home and the Communist empire abroad were expanding.  Inspired conservatives banded together to address these threats.  From the founding of National Review, to the drive to nominate Barry Goldwater, to the apparent defeat of the conservative movement at the hands of Lyndon Johnson, to the triumphant rise of Ronald Reagan from the ashes - Regnery gives perspective to how the most vibrant political and cultural force of our time has influenced American culture, politics, economics, foreign policy, and all sectors of American life.  He also shares his views on the opposition that formed in response to Earl Warren's Supreme Court rulings, the role of faith (both Roman Catholic and Evangelical) in the renewed vigor of conservatism, and the contributing role of American businessmen who attempted to oppose big government.

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Alfred S. Regnery
Author and Publisher of The American Spectator

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