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Jun 26

Empowering America's Workforce: A New Strategy for a New Century

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

America has seen unprecedented challenges over the past six years that would have crippled a less vibrant economy: a recession, terrorist attacks, historic natural disasters that temporarily crippled U.S. energy supplies, and worldwide rising oil prices that are here to stay.  Yet the American economy continues to grow and produce new jobs and remains the envy of the world - outperforming all other countries of comparable size when it comes to job creation.  What is the secret behind the resiliency of the U.S. job creation machine?  What can others learn from the U.S. model?  And what can we do to ensure that our country continues to compete in the worldwide economy?

Secretary Elaine Chao is the Nation's 24th Secretary of Labor and the first Asian American woman appointed to a President's cabinet in U.S. history.  Since her confirmation by the United States Senate on January 29, 2001, she has been dedicated to carrying out the Department's mission of promoting and protecting the health, safety, retirement security, and competitiveness of the nation's workforce.  On May 27, 2007, Secretary Chao became the second-longest serving Secretary of Labor in the modern era - post-World War II - when she surpassed Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz.  Prior to her nomination as Secretary, she was a Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and Chairman of the Asian Studies Center Advisory Council.

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