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Mar 14

Iraq: The Way Ahead

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

The war in Iraq will soon enter its fifth year.  Although the Iraqi people have been liberated from the oppressive dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and have formed an elected government, that government is threatened by a splintered insurgency, radical Islamists, sectarian tensions, factional feuds, and neighboring countries that oppose the consolidation of a democratic Iraq.

The Bush Administration's recent shift in military strategy and surge of U.S. troops to Baghdad and Anbar Province has been a focus of fierce debate in Washington.  What have been the results so far in Iraq?  Has progress been made in fighting the insurgents and reducing sectarian violence?  What lies ahead?  How can U.S. policy in Iraq be improved?

More About the Speakers

Anthony Cordesman
Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy,
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Frederick Kagan
Resident Scholar,
American Enterprise Institute

Kenneth Pollack
Director of Research,
Saban Center for Middle East Policy,
The Brookings Institution

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James Phillips James Phillips

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