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Mar 27

An Uncensored Satellite Television Message to Homes in the Middle East

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Are the people of the Middle East being touched by voices and messages that are not military or security forces? Are they able to receive uncensored information including an accurate presentation of the biblical message of hope and faith? Is Christianity still alive in the Middle East? The answer is decidedly "YES." SAT-7® is a Christian satellite television ministry that for 10 years has been a voice to people throughout the Middle East.

Join us at The Heritage Foundation and hear from a panel of experts who are delivering messages of hope, opportunity, civil society…and faith on a daily basis 24 hours a day. Original programming in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish languages communicates via satellite television into millions of homes and families in the Middle East.

Satellite television is a phenomenon in the Middle East and North Africa. Across this region some 175 million people have satellite television in their homes. In some countries, the number of homes with television exceeds 90% of all households. This presentation will explain how and why some 6 million or more people in the Middle East watch SAT-7. Our experts will share the latest information concerning current events in the region and the importance of an uncensored satellite television presence in the Middle East and North Africa. Join us for "The Untold Story in the Middle East!"

More About the Speakers

Terence Ascott
Founder and CEO,
SAT-7 International,

Dr. Habib Badr
Senior Pastor,
National Evangelical Church of Beirut,

Rita El Mounayer
Programming Director,
SAT-7 International,

Debra Brink
Acting Executive Director,
SAT-7 International

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Becky Norton Dunlop Becky Norton Dunlop

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