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Jun 08

America: The Last Best Hope

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

If we forget what we have done, we will forget who we are, warned Ronald Reagan in his Farewell Address. William J. Bennett's newest book, America: The Last Best Hope, responds to President Reagan's heartfelt call for an informed patriotism. All of us need to know more about this land we love and the people who have made it possible for us to lead free and happy lives. America as "the last best hope," comes from Lincoln's second message to Congress. He used that phrase when things looked far bleaker than they do today. He never lost faith in America, "this last best hope of earth." Nor should we.

Our history is a great history: America is a place where, more than anyplace else, dreams actually do come true. This is the second greatest story, and the best political story ever told. American history is full of sound and color, of character and high principle, of blood and guts and gore. Readers of America: The Last Best Hope are sure to fall in love with our country - again or for the first time - not blindly, but with eyes wide open.

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