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May 08

Winning the War of Ideas

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

September 11, 2006, will mark the fifth anniversary of a very tragic day in American history. During the past five years, the Federal government has taken numerous measures intended to prevent a repeat of those horrible terrorist attacks. The Heritage Foundation intends to grade the government on its progress in protecting American citizens by issuing a National Security Report Card in September. Throughout the course of this year, a series of events has been designed to provide input for the final report card. This panel will address the efficacy of the House, Senate, and Administration's efforts to win the global war of ideas. Join us as we discuss this critical issue.

More About the Speakers

William P. Kiehl
Executive Director,
Public Diplomacy Council,
School of Media and Public Affairs,
The George Washington University

Daniel T. Kuehl
Information Strategies Concentration Program, Information Resources Management College,
National Defense University