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May 22

Same-Sex Marriage and the Fate of Religious Liberty

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

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Just how serious are the coming conflicts over religious liberty stemming from gay marriage? Last month, Massachusetts told Catholic Charities of Boston that it could not maintain its license to perform adoption services unless it abided by the anti-discrimination laws of the state, which in Massachusetts means placing children with same-sex couples. This despite the fact that placing children with same-sex couples violates Catholic teaching and moral doctrine. The result is that Boston Catholic Charities is getting out of the adoption business.

Is this episode an aberration or a sign of things to come? If same-sex marriage is a civil right, then shouldn't the state punish those who refuse to respect that right? The potential for religious entities that adhere to traditional sexual morality is enormous: radio broadcasting licenses, professional licenses, university accreditation, even tax exempt status of faith-based charities. Is this the legal path we have embarked on? If so, what is the fate of religious liberty?

More About the Speakers

Maggie Gallagher
Institute of Marriage and Public Policy

Anthony Picarello
President and General Counsel,
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Jonathan Turley
J.B. and Maurice Shapiro
Professor of Public Interest Law,
George Washington University School of Law

Robin Wilson
Associate Professor of Law,
University of Maryland Law School

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