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Feb 15

European Dawn: After the Social Model

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Is Western Europe doomed to unemployment, low growth, dependency on the state, riots - and hence irrelevance in the long run? Or will radical market-oriented reform take place? What conclusions can the problems and need for reform in Western Europe bring for taxes and social security in the U.S.?

Johnny Munkhammar argues, in the new, but already hotly debated, book European Dawn, that the so-called European Social Model is the problem, not the solution. The big state with its high taxes, regulations and public monopolies cause unemployment and poor living standards.

The need for reforms away from that model, that decrease the size of the state, is strong. The evidence is overwhelming. Munkhammar compiles a thorough case for reform, and reform is coming, not least in Eastern and Central Europe. That is when Europe will get on the right track and become relevant again.

A blockbuster tract that tackles head-on the major problems confronting the European economy.
It should be required reading for all European politicians
. - Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate, 1999

JOHNNY MUNKHAMMAR is Director at Timbro, a free-market institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He earned his M.S. in political science and economics from Uppsala University. He has authored three previous books on economic policy. More information at www.munkhammar.org and www.timbro.se/europeandawn.

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