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Jan 26

Taiwan Politics in the New Year

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party suffered major losses in local elections last December. The opposition "Pan-Blue" parties, the Kuomintang and the People's Progress Party, have called this a victory for their national level strategies, particularly their call for a less confrontational policy toward China. But President Chen Shui-bian clearly does not agree, and in his New Year speech signaled a tougher rather than more accommodating cross-strait policy.

Our expert panel will look at the likely effects of the December results, the overall political situation and the opposing policies of President Chen and the Pan-Blue parties, as well as their effect on American interests in the immediate area and the region.

More About the Speakers

Richard C. Bush
Center for Northeast Asia Policy Studies,
The Brookings Institution

Bates Gill
Freeman Chair in China Studies,
Center for Strategic and International Studies

John J. Tkacik, Jr.
Senior Research Fellow,
Asian Studies Center,
The Heritage Foundation

Moderated by
Ambassador Harvey Feldman
Distinguished Fellow in China Studies,
Asian Studies Center,
The Heritage Foundation

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Asian Studies Center Asian Studies Center

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